Sorting Things Out's legacy, in presence of G. C. Bowker

Sorting Things Out. Classification and Its Consequences, by Geoffrey C. Bowker & Susan Leigh Star, is an important landmark in the fields of Science and Technology Studies, and of sociology in general. Although it is one of the most original sociological proposals of the last twenty years, and is widely cited in the Anglo-Saxon world, it is less known in France, except in a few very specialized circles. This international workshop is an opportunity to broaden its audience, and to give greater visibility to the STS tradition that has emerged from symbolic interactionism and social worlds theory.

This day celebrates the twentieth anniversary of the book, published by MIT Press in 1999, and goes along with the on-going French translation of the book. G. C. Bowker will be present as keynote speaker and guest of honour throughout this event.


!!! CHANGE REGARDING THE CONFERENCE LOCATION !!! // The conference will be held on Friday 13 December 2019 in Paris, at Paris Descartes University, in the amphitheatres Lavoisier and Weiss / Address: entrance via 45 rue des Saints-Pères, 75006 Paris.

To come by public transportation on Friday 13th, despite the restrictions and closures of lines, here are some possibilities:

- By subway line 1, stop at the "Palais Royal - Musée du Louvre" station, cross the Louvre courtyard, then the Seine and go up rue des Saints-Pères (10 mn)

- By subway line 14, stop at "Pyramides" station, then < 15 mn walk.

- By line A of the RER at the station "Les Halles - Châtelet", then 20 mn walk.

- By line B of the RER at the "Saint-Michel" station, then 15 mn walk.

More real-time information in English online:





  • Welcome Address, Marc Barbier (LISIS, IFRIS),
  • Introduction, Rigas Arvanitis (CEPED, IFRIS)
  • “How We Wrote this Book”, Geoffrey Bowker (University of California, Irvine),
  • Sorting Things Out: the challenges of a translation”, Vinciane Zabban (Université Paris 13), Henri Boullier (IRISSO, IFRIS), Baptiste Kotras (LISIS, IFRIS), Sebastian Giessmann (Siegen University)
  • “How standards and classifications matter”, Dominique Vinck (Université de Lausanne), Sonja Jerak-Zuiderent (Amsterdam University Medical Centres), Teun Zuiderent-Jerak (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
  • “From Sorting Things Out to Infrastructure Studies”, Paul N. Edwards (Stanford University), Jérôme Denis (I3-CSI), David Pontille (I3-CSI), Florence Millerand (UQAM)
  • “Roundtable: STO, STS & SSH”, Geoffrey Bowker (University of California Irvine), Soraya Boudia (Cermes3, IFRIS), Paul N. Edwards (Stanford University).

Sara Aguiton (CAK, IFRIS), Tiziana Beltrame (CAK, IFRIS), Vincent Cardon (Curapp, IFRIS), Éric Dagiral (Université Paris Descartes, CERLIS), David Demortain (LISIS, IFRIS), Allison Loconto (LISIS, IFRIS), Ashveen Peerbaye (LISIS, IFRIS).

Organizing Committee:

Henri Boullier (IRISSO, IFRIS), Vincent Cardon (Curapp, IFRIS), Éric Dagiral (Université Paris Descartes, CERLIS), Baptiste Kotras (LISIS, IFRIS), Ashveen Peerbaye (LISIS, IFRIS), Vinciane Zabban (Université Paris 13, Experice)




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